This Mother Is Dressing Up Her Daughter As Celebrities And The Results Are Amazing

Aug 12, 2016 at 10:17 am |

Playing dress up!

As any parent with a little child at home will tell you, most girls and boys LOVE playing dress up with their mother and father’s clothes or anything they can find in their closets. Sure, my kids make a HUGE mess whenever they go through my things but it’s worth seeing them laughing and playing and pretending to be ‘mommy’ while wearing my favorite Old Navy cardigan and a pair of red heels I haven’t worn in a decade (you’d think I would have gotten rid of them already…).

But some parents love to take dress-up to the next level, like this Georgia mom who has managed to transform her daughter into several celebrity look-alikes – and the results are absolutely amazing!


Credit: Instagram / @lucylooksalittlelike

5-year-old Lucy Parrish is transforming herself to some of the celebrity world’s most famous faces.

Check out these incredible recreations!