This New Mom Parody Video Points Out All The Horrible Things We’re Doing To Our Kids Daily

Feb 19, 2016 at 11:10 am |

This trio of moms hilariously point out the absurdities of all these new 'parenting' rules.

Parenting is hard, and not just because kids are hard and time consuming and demanding but because every time you turn around there’s a new blog article or podcast or ‘expert’ telling you how to raise your child.

I watch younger women having their babies now and I wonder how they manage to navigate all the ‘expert’ parenting advice that is thrown at them daily. I even wrote about the ridiculous amount of conflicting advice that women are subjected to and how we’ve managed to take the common sense out of parenting

Now the women over at The Breakwomb are tackling the subject with humour and have created a very funny video to show just how ridiculous all this newfangled parenting advice really is. In their latest video, the women poke fun at trying to follow all that ridiculous parenting advice that moms are inundated with while fearing that they’ve ruined their kids for life.



The women of The Breakwomb poke fun at the many ridiculous new ‘parenting rules’ we’re expected to follow.

Don't tell them they're pretty, don't tell them 'good job' and definitely don't tell them they have talent!