This Place Actually Welcomes Breastfeeding Moms – See Their Kick Ass Message!

Apr 12, 2016 at 3:57 pm |

No judgment or awkward glances here!

Good news, breastfeeding moms! Mamas on-the-go can finally nurse their babies in public without all the awkward and embarrassing glances they get in public whenever the almighty boob pops out.

One parent and kid-friendly café is even offering a free cup of tea to breastfeeding moms who need a safe haven to relax in whenever they are out and about or simply running their daily errands.

Unfortunately, there’s one problem: You’re going to have to travel real far to visit this place!

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Photo Credit: Boobies in a Box/YouTube

This awesome café is a safe haven for breastfeeding moms and welcomes them to stop and feed their babies while sipping on a cup of tea.

Check out all the awesome perks offered at this cafe.