This School’s ‘Dress Code Alert’ Has Parents Pissed And Fighting Back

Aug 10, 2016 at 1:43 pm |

Is this 2016… or the 1950s?

The one great thing I love about my children’s school (well, I actually love a lot of things but this definitely tops the list) is that they have a school uniform. I actually spend less money on their uniform each year than on regular clothes and it’s so much easier wearing the same thing everyday than having to pre-plan outfits. There’s no fuss about it, no one complains and my life is made so much easier as we don’t have to worry about what’s cool, what’s appropriate and what works for them while they go to school.

And while dress codes are gaining popularity in schools all across the country, some still allow students to wear casual, everyday clothes to school.

Yet, some parents from Freeburg, Illinois, are scratching their heads in confusion this week after they received a flyer with specific clothing instructions (geared mostly towards young girls) during class registration. And to be honest with you, some people are completely p*ssed about it, too.

school dress code

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This school’s dress code is causing a lot of controversy.

Is this school’s dress code going too far?