This Soldier Gives His Son The Surprise Of His Life!

May 26, 2016 at 4:08 pm |

Military surprises

Oh my goodness, my heart has a hard time staying in place whenever I see one of these videos. I know that a lot of us like to complain that we have it hard, but trust me, what we do must feel like a piece of cake for the men and women out there who serve our country and help protect our freedom every day – and yet say very little about it.

In this clip, Sergeant, Matthew Laughlin gives his 5-year-old son Jonathan the surprise of his little life when he pulled off an incredible homecoming with the help of the administration and staff at his son’s East Texas elementary school.


Source: YouTube

His son never expected to see him in a homecoming like this!

5-year-old boy gets the surprise of his life by his military father!