Doctors Said it Was an Infection, Then She Found THIS in Her Son’s Throat

Nov 21, 2016 at 12:01 pm |

Thankfully his mom knew something was wrong

Toddlers are notorious for eating things they shouldn’t and for putting things in places where things should never, ever go. However, we always trust that if our child does ingest something by accident that doctors will be able to address it quickly and ensure our child is safe.

Thankfully one mom knew there was more to it when doctors initially told her that her toddler son had a viral infection, and she continued to seek medical help. That’s when it was discovered that the boy actually had a penny lodged in his throat for 37 days!


Credit: Shutterstock

A mother of a toddler claims that doctors failed to realize that her toddler had a penny lodged in his throat for 37 days, instead telling her he simply had a viral infection.

This is so frightening!