This Video About “Mom Brain” Is So Accurate It’s Scary

Oct 6, 2016 at 11:45 am |

Moms everywhere, unite.

There has long been a debate about if “mom brain” is actually real or not. Mom brain, some studies have said, can’t possibly be a real thing. Our brain’s capabilities and abilities don’t actually physically change from giving birth, we just add on more responsibilities and distractions and voila–instant mom brain.

But whether or not you believe “mom brain” is real, I will tell you what’s actually real — this amazing video that shows exactly what goes on in the brains of moms each and every day.

Credit: YouTube / Cat & Nat: For Moms Like Us

Credit: YouTube / Cat & Nat: For Moms Like Us

It’s hard to put into words what motherhood does to your brain, but these people were able to nail it down hard.

This is your brain on motherhood...