This Video Will Show You How To Rescue A Child From A Hot Car

May 27, 2016 at 12:21 pm |

9 children have already been killed so far this year

It’s terrifying to think about, but 9 children have already died this year from being left in hot cars. Just last week an 8 month old boy was killed after he was left in his mother’s SUV. This followed the death of an 11 month old child in Florida.

Deaths of children left in hot cars is up 350% already this year and the hot months are just beginning.

Thankfully, the TODAY Show is showing us just what to do if you come across a child in a hot car, and it might surprise you.


With the number of children’s deaths from being left in hot cars on the rise, this video showing you how to rescue a child from a hot car is a must watch.

Do you know how to rescue a baby trapped in a hot car? This will show you how!