This Viral Video Of A C-Section Baby ‘Delivering Himself’ Is Amazing

If you've ever had a caesarean section, you know how stressful the entire situation can be. I've had 3 c-sections, all after my first child was delivered naturally, and the difference between both methods of delivery is very drastic.With my first child I felt very in control (even though I had no idea what I was doing), but being taken for an emergency section after labour failed to progress with my second child was a completely different experience.While I had complete faith in my doctors and nurses, I was still basically frozen from the waist down with a drape blocking off my sight line, completely relying on my husband to give me a play by play of my delivery.Now, a new method of caesarean delivery called the 'natural caesarean' promises to bring children in to the world in less stressful enviroment than the typical c-section, and there's a video showing just how amazing it really is.[ad type="aboveimagead1"]
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Kelli Catana

Kelli Catana is a Canadian living in the US with a longstanding love affair with entertainment news and celebrity gossip. She has written about it for some of the most popular websites in both Canada and the US including Entertainment Tonight Canada, I'm Not Obsessed and Babble. When she's not chauffeuring her 4 kids back and forth to the rink for various hockey and figure skating activities, she can be found glued to Netflix or reading a great book.

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