This Woman Almost Got Arrested For Her Eating This Snack In Her Car!

Oct 6, 2016 at 12:13 pm |

Could you tell the difference?

Now, while I’m sure there are lot of reasons why people get pulled over these days, this one is insane (and that’s saying a lot considering our current state of affairs these days).
One woman named Megan Ange admits that she was pulled over doing something I’m sure most moms do on a daily basis in their cars, especially when they are on the run. I mean, who hasn’t munched on a bag of Pirates Booty or half-eaten their Panera Bread in between running errands, work and picking up the kids from school, right?

But what happened to her will definitely have you scratching your head!


Credit: Shutterstock

Kale-lover Megan Ange says she got pulled over when cops mistook her snack for marijuana.

This is hilarious but bizarre at the same time, too