This Woman Is Being Accused Of Child Abuse After She Did This With A Baby

Jul 19, 2016 at 12:07 pm |

Do you think this is "child abuse?"

No one wants to hear of a child being abused and yet it seems every day a news story comes out that leaves our hearts sad for another child. Sometimes the case seems so cut and dry, there is no question that the parent crossed the line, but there is a rare time where a parent’s actions are a little more questionable on if their actions were really “abuse.”

There’s one video of a mother making a lot of waves on the internet this week and what she did is causing so much controversy that some people are saying it’s downright child abuse.

Credit: Facebook / Daniel Canicio

Credit: Facebook / Daniel Canicio

One Brazilian woman is being accused of child abuse on Facebook after a video of her twerking goes viral.

Is it really THAT bad?