This Woman Is Pissed Over H&M’s ‘Unrealistic’ Jeans Size

Jun 21, 2016 at 11:43 am |

Why can’t one size by the same everywhere?!?

While I love to shop, one of the things I hate to do is try on clothes that I like that end up being too big or too small even though the tag says it’s my normal size. I mean, I’m sure we’ve all had that experience at least once, right?

I’ll admit though that while I love the prices at H&M some of the clothes do make me feel like I’ve ballooned 10 pounds over night. A pair of size 8 shorts at the popular Swedish retailer do feel and fit differently than a pair size 8 shorts from Old Navy or Target (just don’t get me started on Zara. I’m a regularly a size medium and I can’t even fit the extra large clothes in that store!).

And that’s why Ruth Clemens’ post about her experience while shopping at one of H&M’s store has gone viral, and for a very good reason, too.

ruth clemens

Credit: Facebook / Ruth Clemens

See what Ruth Clemems has to say about her “unrealistically small” jeans.

Here’s a struggle we can ALL relate, too.