This Woman Regained Her Six-Pack Only 10 Days After Giving Birth… And Is Already Getting Criticized For It

Sep 7, 2016 at 11:47 am |

Here we go again with the Instagram fit moms….

I will tell you that I am so relieved that I was pregnant and had my babies before the height of social media. I didn’t post multiple baby bump photos on Facebook or Instagram or detail my meal plans and work outs to my followers. I didn’t Snapchat my ultrasound visits. I didn’t have a Facebook Live session of my baby shower. Instead, I enjoyed my pregnancy with my nearest and dearest by my side. I didn’t worry about the best selfie lighting, what outfit I wore during my last Instapost and whether or not I’ve gotten enough Facebook likes for the last baby bump photo I posted.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your pregnancy journey on Facebook as long as it’s done in good taste and it’s shared with the people who do want to know every detail of your experience. And that’s why so many fit moms on social media are being criticized for showing off their fit post-baby bodies when, according to some critics, they should be putting their phones down and spending time with their newborns instead.

Kristy Ardo

Credit: Kristy Ardo/Instagram

One Instagram fit mom is getting a lot of criticism for flaunting her abs on social media only a few days after she gave birth.

Isn’t about time we put the phone down and concentrate on our babies?