This Woman’s Photo Showing Her Working While Breastfeeding Twins Is Super Inspiring

Sep 8, 2016 at 10:00 am |

Why can't a woman be a mother and a career person

Motherhood isn’t easy, as any woman who has ever done it can tell you, and balancing being a mother with a career is increasingly difficult, especially when society tends to frown on women having any sort of career ambition after they have a baby.

Hein Koh is a 40-year-old artist with twin daughters who recently posted a picture on Facebook of how she makes motherhood work with two little babies.

While many were super supportive of the true multitasking mama, many questioned why she felt the need to work so soon after her children were born and felt ‘sad’ she wasn’t spending time focusing on her kids instead of her career.

Credit: Hein Koh Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Hein Koh

This photo of a woman breastfeeding her twin daughters while working on her laptop is getting mixed reactions.

The photo she shared went viral so fast and it's easy to see why...