This Woman’s Response To Locker Room Body Shaming Is Brilliant

Jul 19, 2016 at 1:08 pm |

No one deserves the judgement of another

I’ve written about body shaming on this site more times than I can count. About how women are shamed for their pre-baby bodies and their pregnant bodies and their post-pregnant bodies regardless of what they look like. Women are shamed for being too fit or too fat or too whatever the internet can think of on any given day, and frankly it’s a bit exhausting.

Recently a Playboy model thought she had the right to judge another woman by taking a picture of her while changing at the gym and sending it out to her tens of thousands of Snapchat followers with a derogatory comment attached. Now one wife and mother is hitting back at that model with her own revealing photo, and it’s all quite brilliant.

Delicate Flower Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Delicate Flower

After a Playboy model body-shamed a woman in a gym locker room, one woman is speaking out against all of it.

See this woman's response to locker room body shaming