Little Girl With Rare Disease Speaks For The First Time In 4 years!

Mar 7, 2016 at 4:04 am |

This Teen Has A Rare Brain Disease And Speaks For The First Time In Four Years

A young teen who was silenced by a rare illness has woken up after an emergency surgery with a miracle: for the first time in nearly four years, she can talk.

13-year-old Grace  has not been unable to move or speak since was diagnosed with a rare brain illness, just after her 10th birthday.

girl with brain tumor speaks

Source: Facebook

But on Saturday she began speaking after waking up from surgery .

She did manage a quick video message to her many supporters: an indistinct but recognisable “thank you”.

Grace Yeats, 13, was hit by a brain disease that left her cognitively unimpaired, but unable to walk or talk, and wracked by painful spasms. She found relief when she was approved for medicinal cannabis spray Sativex.

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