Thousands of Sharks Were Spotted off Florida Beaches: ‘You Could Throw A Pebble And Literally Strike A Shark’ Says Experts

Feb 15, 2016 at 5:44 pm |

Palm Beach, Florida Is Quite The Hot Spot

The one thing I am most afraid of is sharks!! Well, I also don’t like jellyfish or stingrays and only because I have been attacked by both!

When I say attacked, I am very aware I am in the stingray and jellyfish home and should not be there, which is why they have to attack. But, I just don’t trust the stingray shuffle!

I am great though at sitting in the sand and building castles with the kids!

This past friday video footage was captured on Friday morning showing thousands of blacktip sharks off the beach in Palm Beach, Florida.

thousands of sharks in florida

Source: CBS12

SWARMS OF SHARKS! Thousands of sharks have been spotted off the coast of South Florida as this season’s shark migration is well underway.

These Sharks Are Everywhere!