Today is National Napping Day! Here are some top reasons for taking a daily nap.

Mar 14, 2016 at 5:32 pm |

Lost an hour of sleep? Gain one with a nap!

Well played, America. Well played. On a day that I’m feeling even more tired than usual (thanks Daylight Saving Time), I turn on my computer to find out that today is in fact National Napping Day. So instead of losing an hour of sleep, I’m encouraged to take one during the middle of the day.

Hey, I’m not complaining.

Studies show that taking naps – even if they are only 15-30 minutes long – can sometimes have surprising health benefits. And while I definitely admit that it’s hard to even find 15 minutes a day to sit on my couch let alone take a nap, I’ve obviously been missing out on some major benefits here. In fact, mid-afternoon naps are an integral part of most cultures, and scientifically proven to be good for you.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Today is National Napping Day. Here are 5 benefits to taking a daily nap.

Here are some health benefits from taking a daily nap.