Toddler Falls In Love With Diaper Packaging And There’s A Lesson In It

Jul 1, 2016 at 10:56 am |

He won’t let go

There are a lot of things toddlers do that don’t really make much sense to the rest of us grown people. They like to make a lot of noise, decide that when they’re doing something dangerous it’s not the time to listen and they develop unusual attachments to people… and things.

One little boy has caught internet fame after his mom sent a photo through social media of a toddler being a typical adorable toddler and falling in love with the boy on the diaper package.

Credit: Twitter / @SleeplesssInKy

Credit: Twitter / @SleeplesssInKy

Little boy falls in love with diaper packaging because it features a boy that looks like him.

It’s really an important message and adorably cute.