Toddler Recovers From Terrible Case of Herpes Doctors Thought Was Eczema

Nov 17, 2016 at 12:51 pm |

Every parent's nightmare!

When my kids were little, I never thought twice about other family members hugging, squeezing, kissing and giving them as much love and attention as possible. In fact, I quite enjoyed it as it gave me an opportunity to breathe for a few minutes until my kids were passed back to me like Olympic batons at a family reunion or get together.

But, one mother got a very nasty surprise and a very hard reminder that we should truly be careful, even when our kids are in the care of trusted family members and friends.

Savina French Bell and her daughter

Credit: Savina French Bell/Facebook

One woman was left horrified after her daughter’s face was ‘eaten’ by herpes!

Warning: the photo is quite disturbing!