Tori Spelling’s Parenting Skills Called Into Question Yet Again

Jun 28, 2016 at 11:50 am |

Are her kids just having fun with mom or growing up way too fast?

I have to tell you that while I’m a huge fan of Tori Spelling, it seems like whatever she does or says these days, her critics are always after her. She seems like a good hands-on mom that always puts her kids first (even when it’s in the spotlight) and I like the fact that she involves them in everything she does.

Yet, her latest Instagram photo is causing quite the ruckus on social media as both her fans and critics alike are questioning her parenting skills once again.

I mean, is this really that big of a deal?!?

Tori Spelling

Credit: Instagram / @torispelling

Tori Spelling just can’t catch a break with her critics!

Take a look at the pic!