Tragic! Three Month Old Baby Mysteriously Dies During First Day At Daycare

Apr 14, 2016 at 2:31 pm |

A tragic and heartbreaking story.

Just a few months ago, Amber Scorah wrote a powerful op ed in the New York Times after her three-month-old son died during his first day at daycare. Scorah wanted to know why there weren’t better maternity leave options for mothers so they didn’t have to leave their children so soon to return to work.

Sadly, another family is mourning the loss of their daughter after the three-month-old baby died on her first day of daycare earlier this month.

McKenna Rose GoFundMe

Photo Credit: McKenna Rose GoFundMe

Parents of a baby girl who died on her first day at daycare are looking for answers as to how she tragically lost her life and police are investigating.

See how this baby went from seemingly healthy to not breathing.