Trollers Are Fat-Shaming A 10-Month Old Instagram Star!! The Powerful Story Behind “Stuff Curry”

May 24, 2016 at 10:58 am |

'Stuff' Curry is the cutest!

Baby Landon Lee is an adorable tot, only 10 months old. His biggest concerns in life are probably putting stuff in his mouth, creating mayhem via crawling around, and where he’s going to get his next nap and meal.

He’s also gained notoriety for his acute resemblance to a famous basketball player.

Because the internet can be a terrible place, some people have taken to judging and fat shaming little Landon just because he’s inadvertently become somewhat of a viral Instagram star and thus, available for public scrutiny.

Tsk tsk, Internet!

Credit: Huffington Post / Getty Images

A baby famous for resembling Steph Curry is being shamed for being too chubby at 10 months old.

He's an adorable kid...