Waitress’ Mom Calls Outs Restaurant For DISGUSTING Thing They Do With Their Food

Aug 29, 2016 at 2:50 pm |

Gently used but in good condition?

When my family and I go out for dinner, it’s not frequent… maybe twice in a month? So when we do, we eat pretty much everything on our plates. And if my kids happen to be full, my husband will polish off whatever is left of their meals. He’s the human garbage compactor, we joke.

There have been times where we may have left a few fries, or some nachos if the servings were extra-large. If my kids happen to leave a few chicken wings behind, we’ll have them packed up in a to-go container.

But, when we eat at a restaurant, we NEVER expect a business to do this because … ew!

Dirty apron

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Mom of waitress calls out restaurant for reusing food leftovers… and apparently it’s a common thing?!

Your restaurant may be doing this too and you'd never know...