Watch As These Twin Babies Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet

Feb 19, 2016 at 1:34 pm |

This is definitely going to be the sweetest thing you see today


It’s no secret that twins have a special bond that not even siblings have. It’s often said that twins are connected to each other long after they leave the womb and are just more ‘in tune’ with each other than regular siblings.

In a video that has garnered millions of views on youtube, a French nurse by the name of Sonia Rochel is seen bathing a set of twins who are only a few days old. She said she gave the babies this kind of ‘immersive bath’ because it simulates how they would move in the womb.

What the babies do while in the bath would make you believe that perhaps they don’t realize that they’ve been born yet and that they’re still snuggled tightly in the womb.



These twin newborns don’t realize they’re no longer in the womb as they cuddle and hug during a bath.

Watch as these twins cuddle and hug each other during their bath