Watch The Touching Moment A Woman Dying From Cancer Finds Out She’s Going To Have A Granddaughter

Aug 19, 2016 at 9:58 am |

Such a beautiful moment

For most of us, having a child is the single most important moment in our lives. We want nothing more than to share that special moment with our family, especially our mothers. After all, when you finally become a mother yourself, it’s like you kind of look at your own mother a little differently, like all of a sudden you just ‘get it.’

Knowing her mom wouldn’t make it to see the birth of her first child, a Colorado woman decided to move up the date of her ultrasound so she and her mom could find out the gender of her baby, together.

Get your tissues ready.

Credit: Taylor Masilotti Facebook

Credit: Taylor Masilotti Facebook

A Colorado woman shared one last, special memory with her dying mom as they both got to see the gender of her unborn baby together.

See Taylor and her mom at the ultrasound