Watch These Three Guys Experience What It’s Like To Have A Period

Apr 12, 2016 at 4:27 pm |

I wish every man would do this!

Sometimes I feel like we women got the short end of the stick. Yes, we get to have babies and experience the miracle of childbirth, but we also have to deal with that pesky little visitor once a month known as Aunt Flo.

Having your period can be a real pain, especially when men basically think you’re acting like a whiney baby when you complain about cramps or the inconvenience of getting your period right before a beach vacation (I hate that!).

In a new video, three guys experience what it’s really like to have a period. Well, kinda. Not surprisingly, it’s not pretty.

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Watch as these three men get to (kind of) experience what it’s like to have a period.

See how these three guys deal with having their 'period.'