Watch This Father Miraculously Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle Days After Brain Surgery

Mar 25, 2016 at 1:13 pm |

He never thought he would be able to walk again, yet he did.

Walter Thompson thought he would never walk again until he took the most important steps of his life. Walking your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day is a HUGE moment for Dad’s, but for Walter it was a moment that no one expected.

He was diagnosed with a fist-sized, internal capsule glioma tumor in the middle of his brain just a few short weeks before his daughter’s wedding. The Oklahoma native thought he would be paralyzed for life after the removal of his tumor, which his doctors said was “inoperable.”

That, of course, all changed moments before his daughter Ruth-Ann was supposed to get married on a day that would change both of their lives forever.


Photo Credit: Walter Thompson/YouTUbe

This father thought he would be left paralyzed for life, but miraculously was able to walk his daughter down the aisle days after undergoing brain surgery.

Watch this absolute miracle.