Watch This Grandson Surprise His Grandparents With The Best Gift Ever!

Mar 29, 2016 at 12:44 pm |

He ate frozen pizza and never went out so he could give his grandparents this special gift.

Most college students enjoy their college years by having fun, partying and shopping in addition to their studies. Stefun Darts spent his time in college eating microwave pizzas and skipped going out so he could work full-time and honor a promise he made to God in the second grade.

Just in time for Easter, Darts was able to present his grandparents with a check for enough money to pay off the mortgage on their house, an act that he did to repay them for everything they did for him growing up.

Stefun Darts Facebook

Photo Credit: Stefun Darts Facebook

A young college student decided to give up a lot and save his money so he could repay his grandparents for all that they did for him while growing up.

See why this young man sacrificed so much to do something amazing for his grandparents.