Watch This Little Girl Talk About Her Boy Troubles And Try Not To Laugh

Feb 17, 2016 at 12:43 pm |

The struggle is real for this one young girl who thinks she may be too young for a boyfriend.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between staying with someone who is sweet and romantic, or simply breaking up because it’s what’s best for you. And matters of the heart really don’t know an age limit, as young Quinn knows all too well.

While weighing the pros and cons of staying with her boyfriend, young Quinn, who can’t be much more than around 5 or 6 , discusses with her mom the reasons why she really likes him, but then she thinks she may be just too young for a boyfriend. Her mom caught the entire exchange on video and posted it to her facebook page.

“He’s sweet and romantic, but I think I am too young to have a boyfriend. But, it’s like, he looks so happy!,” Quinn told her mom. “What do you mean?” her mother asked her. “It’s just I don’t want to break his heart, he looks so happy.” Clearly Quinn has a heart of gold and really doesn’t want to hurt this boy’s feelings! Her mom then asked her , “How do you feel about him?,” to which Quinn responded, “I feel different.”

Oh, the problems of a strong, modern woman!



I guess I’ll just tell him it’s time to break up,” she says seriously. “It’s the only thing I can do.”

What Will Quinn Do About Her Love Dilemma?!