Watch This Mother March Through Target With Her Family To Protest Her Hate Because Of Bathrooms

May 19, 2016 at 12:32 pm |

And she brought a bible with her, too

If there’s anything Target is guilty of, it’s making me spend $80 when all I wanted to do is buy shampoo and garbage bags. It’s the type of store that you just can’t help but go through and put everything in your cart thinking that you absolutely need it. I mean seriously, that is the only way Target continuously does me wrong, otherwise it is seriously the best place on Earth (and that’s completely my opinion, BTW).

Yet, not everyone feels the exact same way as new video footage shows a mother of 12 marching through her local Target store with a bible in hand and her family behind her.

target bible mom

YouTube/Loredana Camelia

One mom is marching through Target with her family to protest their transgender bathroom policy.

This mom is warning Target of their evil, EVIL sins. Whoa!