Watch This Shocking Dashcam Footage Of A Toddler Falling Out Of A Moving Van

Mar 2, 2016 at 12:55 pm |

The toddler apparently got 'restless' and climbed in to the trunk before falling on to the road! Thankfully he was OK!

Strapping your child in to their car seats is often something we as parents complain about. It’s especially hard in the winter when we have to figure out how to keep our kids safely tethered in their car seats while removing bulky jackets and keeping them warm at the same time. But we all do it because we know that our children’s safety is paramount and if we don’t have our children properly strapped in to their car seats it can be dangerous.

One family in China is realizing just how dangerous it can be when a toddler isn’t properly secured in a moving vehicle. Dashcam video shows this 2 year old boy tumbling out of the trunk of his grandfather’s moving van on a busy roadway in China, narrowly avoiding tragedy. To make matters worse, the toddler is then seen running after the van as it drives away.


A toddler is capturing tumbling out of the trunk of a moving van on a busy road way in China by a dash cam video.

Watch as this toddler falls out of a moving van