What Motherhood Would Look Like If It Were A Sorority

I went to an all-women’s Catholic college in Washington, D.C., which lacked a Greek system. Instead I had to build a network, make friends and develop leadership and social skills on a small campus in our nation’s Capital taught by mostly nuns.I’ve always thought I would have enjoyed sorority life. I am all about community service and sisterhood. I’ve always liked the idea of wearing matching t-shirts and taking group pictures. In fact, I have always envisioned myself as the kind of sister who would have risen through the ranks to become sorority President.My college-aged babysitter Lacy, whom I lovingly refer to as my fifth child, is currently in a sorority at University of Michigan. She has invited me to parent’s weekend in the fall and I plan on using the weekend for research purposes.[ad type="aboveimagead1"]
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Kate Casey

Kate Casey is a pop culture humor writer. Kate writes gossip analysis and reality television recaps on her popular site Kate deconstructs celebrity spin by translating the tabloids for normal people.

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