Why Octomom Felt She Had To Walk Away From Her Famous Persona

Nov 10, 2016 at 11:58 am |

Octomom no more!

Most of us remember Nadya Suleman, now known as Natalie Suleman, as ‘Octomom’, the single mother of 6 children who famously gave birth octuplets!

Those octuplets are now 7-years-old and Natalie is working hard to put her past, and her ‘Octomom’ persona behind her.  The mom of 14 (!!!) previously opened up about why she had to ‘kill’ Octomom to take her life back, and now she’s getting even more personal about her struggles to leave Octomom behind.

Instagram / @nataliesuleman

Credit: Instagram / @nataliesuleman

Natalie Suleman, the famous ‘Octomom’ reveals why she had to leave her famous persona behind.

See how she saved herself