Why One Postal Worker Did Everything She Could To Make Sure This Grandma Received Her Letter From Her Granddaughter

Jul 18, 2016 at 11:26 am |

This is definitely going above and beyond

If you’ve ever sent your kid off to camp and waited patiently for that one letter home that tells you exactly how they’re doing and how they’re loving camp, you’ll love this story.

When one young camper decided she was going to send her grandma a letter from camp she wrote her a note and addressed the envelope complete with a stamp before dropping it in the mail. Unfortunately she missed a crucial part of the address, but thanks to one determined postal work this grandma finally got her letter.


Credit: Shutterstock

After a very important letter was missing a key piece of information, one postal worker did everything she could to make sure it got delivered.

See how one postal worker went above and beyond so Grandma could get her letter!