Why One Woman Who Struggled With Infertility Is Sharing Her Powerful Pregnancy Announcement

May 11, 2016 at 11:16 am |

Most of us don't realize the struggle

Infertility is a real struggle for those who are battling it.

One look at Tyra Banks’s face on her first Mother’s Day, after struggling with her own infertility issues before using a surrogate to realize her dreams of motherhood and you can see just how wonderful finally being able to be a mother is to her.

These parodies of pregnancy announcements by an Idaho couple who struggled with infertility before becoming parents through adoption shed light on how hard it can be for those who are still dealing with infertility to constantly be surrounded by other people’s happy news.

Now one woman is sharing her story of infertility and the struggles she went through to finally conceive.

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On An Adventure Blog

See how one couple, who struggled through four years of infertility and loss are sharing their story and their pregnancy announcment.

See this mom's powerful pregnancy announcement