Why This Indian Laundry Detergent Ad Is Going Viral

Feb 29, 2016 at 11:37 am |

It will definitely make you stop and think, and maybe share it with your husband.

Just last week I wrote about a study that proved that husbands cause around 7 extra hours of housework per week that’s normally done by the woman in the house. That’s a lot of extra dishes and cooking and cleaning and laundry. While many of you left comments telling me that your spouse/partner does more than his fair share around the house (which was so awesome to hear because it is 2016 after all), many of you also confirmed that your husbands often cause more than 7 extra hours of housework per week.

A new laundry detergent ad from India has been going viral simply because it’s tackling this message of gender inequality around the house head on, and it will really make you stop and think. And then possibly show it to your husband.



An Indian laundry detergent ad is going viral for challenging gender stererotypes and roles around the home.

See the laundry ad that is going viral for challenging gender stereotypes