Why This Teacher Turned Her Student’s Desk In To Letters Of Inspiration And Encouragement

May 12, 2016 at 4:22 pm |

Such a great idea

If your kids go to a school where PARCC testing takes place, you probably know the anxiety they felt prior to taking the standardized tests. My kids all took PARCC and would come home the week prior complaining about how they didn’t want to take it and I knew they were worried about it.

While I consistently told my kids they didn’t need to worry and that it was just a standardized test, I knew they still had some anxiety, like lots of kids, in the back of their minds. However one teacher in Woodbury N.J. did something above and beyond to help ease her students worries about the test.

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A NJ teacher took an interesting approach when trying to ease her students anxiety over upcoming standardized tests.

See how this teacher put her kids at ease prior to testing