Will Smith Makes A Shocking Confession About His Marriage To Jada

Aug 17, 2016 at 12:28 pm |

Half of the duo opens up about their problems

Most Hollywood stars try to keep their personal problems with their significant other, well personal. However, every now and then a celebrity will truly open up about their issues and admit that their marriage isn’t all red carpet smiles and gushing declarations of love. Will and Jada Smith’s marital bliss has been questioned and slandered by pretty much every tabloid over the years, so while it’s not shocking their marriage isn’t perfect, it is a breath of fresh air that they are talking about it.

But his latest confession is sort of, well shocking!

Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Will Smith has been pretty private about his marriage to Jada, but he’s revealing a big secret to why their relationship works.

What did Will confess? Find out...