Woman Claims Her Bullied Son Has Been Banned From His School District For Life

Nov 22, 2016 at 12:18 pm |

This is awful!!

When we send our kids to school, we’re trusting that the educators and staff and school administration are doing everything in their power to keep them safe. When a bullying incident happens, we trust that these same people will do what they can to stop it.

But for one woman in Tuscon, Arizona, the school board seems to have turned against her even though she alleges that it was her son who has been bullied. Accusing her of making up the entire story, she and her son have been banned for life from district property.

bullied boy banned from school

Credit: ABC News

A mother claims that the school board who once vowed to protect her son against bullies has now banned her and her son for life.

What do you believe?