Woman Delivers Twins Even Though She Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

Mar 31, 2016 at 8:40 pm |

How does this happen?

Not too long ago I wrote about a teenage girl from Wisconsin who delivered her baby son in the toilet after not realizing she was even pregnant. Many of you chimed in at the time and couldn’t believe that someone could go nine months and not realize they were going to have a baby. After all, what about the weight gain, the morning sickness and the baby moving in your body?!

I came across another story of a young woman who not only didn’t know she was pregnant, but she delivered TWINS while sitting on the toilet! Her story is incredible!


Photo Credit: Pixabay

A woman, who had no clue she was even pregnant, ended up delivering a set of twin girls while sitting on the toilet!

See how this woman, who didn't know she was pregnant, delivered twins!