Woman Fakes Pregnancy and Kills Woman To Steal Her Baby

Nov 23, 2016 at 2:25 pm |

It’s something out of a movie, but unfortunately, it’s true.

Whenever I hear stories like this, my heart just breaks. It’s heartbreaking to hear of a family being torn apart and it’s heartbreaking to hear of a mental illness so great that it could cause someone to act this way. When we think about how much some women want to become mothers and are unable to, it’s obvious that those deep-seeded emotions and desires really affect them in more ways than we even know. No one can say why exactly these sort of tragedies happen, but unfortunately, they do.

Credit: Dallas County Sheriff Office

Credit: Dallas County Sheriff Office

It’s one of those news stories you believe is never really true, but unfortunately in this case it is very real and a woman has died.

How one woman faked a pregnancy to steal a baby — the story is shocking, but important