Woman Gave Birth In A Coma Because She Didn’t Get The Flu Shot

Jun 28, 2016 at 3:53 pm |

Asleep for 45 days straight

During the last trimester of pregnancy, getting everything you need ready for both labor and the new person you’re going to have to look after is a large task. It can overwhelm even the most organized mother-to-be and doing it all while staying healthy isn’t easy during pregnancy.

One mom’s birth story didn’t go at all like planned and it turns out she missed her labor, birth and the first month of her new baby’s life.

The last thing she remembered, she was 25 weeks pregnant.

Credit: Facebook / Melissa Barvels

Credit: Facebook / Melissa Barvels

A woman recalls the story of her giving birth while in a coma after she contracted the H1N1 flu during pregnancy.

How does this even happen?