Woman Live Tweets Her Flight Where She’s Stuck Sitting Beside Creepy Doll

Sep 27, 2016 at 12:12 pm |

Someone bought an actual full-price ticket...

Have you ever been on a flight and thrilled to find out the no one is sitting in the middle seat?

Oh the heavenly space between you and the other person! You can stretch my legs out into aisle and middle-seat territory, and not have to worry about touching elbows with the person next to you.

The person who ends up being stuck in the middle seat has the absolute worst luck. He/she has to enjoy feeling like the bologna in a sandwich, pressed up against some three-day old, crusty multi-grain bread.

So when this woman shared her flight story on Twitter, many could relate.

Credit: Twitter / @NovicSara

Credit: Twitter / @NovicSara

A woman took to social media to talk about the unusual passenger on board her flight and it’s hilarious.

Have a feeling once you read everything that went down, you'd feel something, too.