Woman Rescues Elderly Cat And Helps Him Live Out His Life To The Fullest

Mar 23, 2016 at 3:30 pm |

This amazing woman created an awesome bucket list of adventures for her rescue cat!

Warning, this post is about to give you all the feels!

I am a cat person. I mean, I love all animals but cats are my people. I’ve had cats my entire life and right now I have two of my own – one who is 18 years old and one who is only two. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of them. I know my 18-year old’s days are getting shorter and shorter so we try to make sure she’s as happy and as comfortable at all times.

Adriene Nicole is also an animal lover. She works for a vet and had been looking for a new cat to add to her family when she came across Tigger, a 20-year old cat who had been abandoned by his owner. Instead of just taking Tigger in, Adriene and her boyfriend decided to give him a forever home. When they recently discovered that Tigger was sick, they decided to create a bucket list of amazing adventures before his nine lives run out.

Tigger's Story Facebook

Photo Credit: Tigger’s Story Facebook

After rescuing an abandoned cat, Adriene Nicole discovered he was very sick so she decided to create a bucket list of adventures for him to enjoy his last moments.

See how Adriene is helping Tigger check off his bucket list!