Woman Reveals She Breastfeeds Her Adult Boyfriend?!

Jun 8, 2016 at 10:19 am |

Breastfeeding is for babies, y'all

It seems like every other day we come across a story about breastfeeding rights: where women are “allowed” to do it, how covered they have to be, if they should announce it to prepare others for the scary possibility they may see one-eighth of a woman’s areola.

But those rights – and we can’t believe this even has to be said – usually apply to mothers with, well, children.

As it turns out, Adult Breastfeeding is a thing, and one woman who engages in the practice is sharing her story.

Credit: Facebook / Jennifer Mulford

An Atlanta woman interested in having an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship found a boyfriend to regularly nurse.

You won't believe this story...