Woman Saves Starving and Abandoned Infant. Wait Until You See What She Looks Like Now!

Apr 4, 2016 at 5:25 pm |

Baby Nika was found in the trash!

Back in 2014, Sarah Conque was a 28-year-old missionary in Haiti when she met a child that changed her entire life by making her a mother. She found 11-month-old baby Nika in the trash. Her mother was ashamed of the baby girl. Nika was frail, malnourished and weighed only six pounds even though she was one year old. Conque immediately brought her to a nearby orphanage and that’s how their story began.

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Photo Credit: LittleWarriorNika/Instagram

A woman stepped up in a big way to provide a life for a baby girl thrown away by her biological mother.

Meet Baby Nika and her courageous mother