Woman Wakes Up At Resort In Severe Pain, When Doctors Tell Her Why, She Regrets That Last Drink

Oct 27, 2016 at 1:36 pm |

The party is certainly over now!

Knowing that every person has a different story to share, I try not to impose any judgment on anyone, especially since we all walk different paths in life. Yet, some situations are just so utterly bizarre and strange that you can’t help but wonder how a certain person got to the place they are or what led them their to begin with.

That’s why this one woman’s story of how she woke up one early morning after partying hard at a resort has stirred plenty of commentary online. I would have been totally scared!


Credit: Lindsey Howe / Manchester Evening News

Lindsey Howe had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth to a baby girl during her vacation to Spain.

How is this even possible?