Woman Who Nursed Her Nephew Sparks Debate on Wet Nursing

Sep 29, 2016 at 10:43 am |

Baby wouldn’t take a bottle so his aunt nursed him

Here’s a scenario. Let’s say you pumped your breast milk because you had to a meeting away from home, and you left your baby in the care of your friend who also was breastfeeding her baby. When your baby started to get hungry, your friend gave him a bottle of your pumped milk – but he wouldn’t take it.

Now imagine your friend decided to put your baby to her breast and feed him breastmilk – would that bother you?

Credit: Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Credit: Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

A woman went viral after posting a photo of herself nursing her nephew and it sparked a heated debate on wet nursing.

Would you nurse another woman’s baby?