Woman’s Shower Cake Gives A Very Realistic Look At Childbirth

Jun 8, 2016 at 11:14 pm |

It looks so realistic, it’s scary

While there’s no doubt that I would never pass up a good piece of cake, this might be going a little too far. As much I appreciate the creativity and artistry of a lot of bakers, it seems like some people are trying to push boundaries by making their creations more and more X-rated.

That’s why this all-too realistic baby shower cake is making waves on the internet as some people are totally in love with it (I still don’t get it), while others think it looks so realistic, it’s scary.

And it’s seems there’s somewhat of a trend happening here…

Credit: Facebook / Chuck Johnson

Credit: Facebook / Chuck Johnson

One vagina cake is making a lot of waves on the Internet today.

Is this really creative food art?